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FAQ Index:
1. Are dogs allowed on the beach?
2. Is the beach wheel-chair/pram accessible?
3. How can I get there?
4. Is it easy to get around?
5. What's all this talk about a Wind Farm?

Q: Are dogs allowed on the beach?
A: Yes, and No at the same time, depending on the time of year. Between September and March the beach is fully open to dogs, so long as you clean up any mess that your dog makes you'll be fine. But between March and September a whole new set of rules goes into effect, dogs are still allowed on the beach, but not inside a very specific area; the area that is off-limits to dogs runs 50m to the west of the beach access ramp, and 100 meters east of the beach access ramp. To get to an area that is around 50 meters west of the ramp you can use the pathway that goes over the dunes behind the public toilets on the large car park area, this is somewhat overgrown and not wheel-chair/pram friendly. To get to the area 100m east of the ramp you can go up onto the beach and follow the pathway along the front of the houses in the dunes, then go down the ramp at the end of the pathway near the large metal pipes that now stick out above the sand. To the right of those pipes is fair-game for dogs, but to the left is restricted. That route is wheel-chair and pram friendly, although you may need all-terrain wheels, or wide wheels to navigate the sand that sometimes accumulates due to the wind. [Return to the top]

Q: Is the beach wheel-chair/pram accessible?
A: To a certain degree yes, it would be wise to have someone with you in-case you became stuck in the sand, and quite possibly to have an all-terrain wheel-chair/pram. To get onto the beach simply take the main beach access ramp (next to the Beach Cafe) and go up, then follow the pathway that leads in-front of the houses on the dunes; there is then another ramp that leads down to the beach, but from then on it is very sandy and you are likely to be stuck. Most people tend to leave their own non-all-terrain wheel-chairs next to the ramp if they are able, and then go down onto the beach. Please remember that any loss-damage caused to your wheel-chair is your own risk, although it's very unlikely anything will happen to it. [Return to the top]

Q: How can I get there?
A: We are handily located between both Mablethorpe, and Skegness, right of a A52 just past Huttoft heading south. You can view our Location page which will give you a graphical view of our location, and also enable you to plan your journey to and from Anderby Creek. [Return to the top]

Q: Is it easy to get around?
A: Yes, although you really need your own vehicle or someone willing to drive you around if you want to leave Anderby Creek once you're here. If you do plan on driving around once you're here, please be extremely careful and obey all speed signs. There are 3 routes away from Anderby Creek, the forth of course being the sea... The routes mainly use Roman Bank which heads both north and south, as you're leaving Anderby Creek, a turn right (north) will send you to Sandilands, Sutton-on-Sea, and Mablethorpe, a turn left (south) will present you with a fork in the road, heading right sends you to Anderby along Sea Road, then Huttoft, and Alford, whereas a turn left sends you to Chapel St. Leonards, Wainfleet, and Skegness. Sea Road is a nice and clear road, with very few curves and clear visibility although the hump-backed bridge should be crossed at caution for oncoming traffic. Roman Bank is filled with curves, most of them blind, and is quite often obstructed from the sides by plants and grasses that stick out into the road, nothing that would damage your car, but it does make it hard to see. Roman Bank is like this as far north as Sandilands, and as far south as Chapel St. Leonards; and you should be very careful when driving at night, and during heavy rain, once you are used to the road you can drive as you like, providing it's legal, a few of the people you see driving on the road are locals and are used to the turns and judging crossings; over-taking should not be attempted unless the other car is stationary and they are waving you through, cars can appear from nowhere on this road, and it's rather dangerous for everyone if you intend on driving like an idiot, this means you Boy Racers! Once you are in Chapel St. Leonards, Huttoft, or Sutton-On-Sea there are bus services available which will take you around, there are also taxis available but you'll be hard-pressed to find one from 2pm to 5pm on School days as most are used to ferry around schoolchildren that live far from their schools. [Return to the top]

Q: What's all this talk about a Wind Farm?
A:nPower renewables have proposed the creation of a Wind Farm near Anderby Creek, and when we say near, we mean right next to it. You can see some photo montages here, which give you an idea of their size and position. There is a lot of talk as to if it is a good/bad idea, and some are wondering what is the point of having Anderby Creek protected by the County Council if they're just going to allow someone to build something like this on our door-step. [Return to the top]